What We Do

We're on a mission to end the world water crisis in our lifetime.


what we do

We train local entrepreneurs to start their own businesses, drill their own wells, and transform their own communities through clean water.

Learn more about our work to create healthy economies, save lives, share love the way Jesus did, and transform communities forever.


Water4 tackles the water crisis in three unique ways,
each designed to maximize the social return on investment.


grassrootsGrassroot Developments 

Grassroot Developments funded by Developmental Investors.

The Water4 model was born at the grassroots level through a variety of projects in several countries. This approach continues to provide a rich environment for the research, development, and refinement of breakthroughs in appropriate technology, techniques, methodologies, and culturally-accepted advancements. Grassroots developments remain a key component to the overall Water4 strategy for obtaining universal access to clean water. Contributions from Development Investors come in broad ranges and play an important role in the discovery of scalable approaches that are ultimately transferred and utilized by larger initiatives. 

initiativesFull-Scale Initiatives 

Full-Scale Initiatives funded by Cooperative Investors.

With insights and knowledge gleaned from the grassroots, Water4 has developed full-scale initiatives with key strategic partners with complementing core competencies. Water4’s intermediate technology and business-minded approach, coupled with the infrastructure and community development expertise of our partners, provide opportunities for Cooperative Investors to join other financial partners in matching funds for programs such as the Water4More Initiative, a 7,000 well project for six African countries. Matching funds turn $1 into $2, and even turns $1 into $4 up to the initial $300,000 invested. 

partnershipsPrivate and Public Partnerships

Private and Public Partnerships funded by Charter Investors.

The key to sustainable universal access to water comes through self-supply and sufficiency. The rural water utility model is the key to maximizing the creation of economic wealth in a community. Villages throughout the developing world are paying an extremely high price for water. Currently they pay with their time, their health, and their lives. Water is a fundamental human right. When communities contribute to the delivery of clean and reliable water, everything changes for the better. Charter Investors provide seed capital for infrastructure that puts into place the water points needed to pay forward the benefits associated with well-maintained and operated water points. When private and public financial partnerships are formed, true sustainability can be obtained. Water4 is currently seeking Charter Investors for a 60-water-point initiative in Kenya. To date the government has committed more than $100,000, which has been matched by an additional $100,000 by other Water4 financial partners. The Private and Public Partnership has the capacity to solve the water crisis country by country. 

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