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Hi! We are Beckett and Jenny-- a mom and son team-- and we want to use our birthdays to raise money for our favorite organizations, Water4 and Fight For The Forgotten.

This year, Beckett is asking all his family and friends to make a donation to his water campaign instead of buying him presents. Beckett wants you to know:

-his birthday is May 5

-it makes him sad that kids die every day from drinking dirty water

-it makes him feel AWESOME to give away his birthday presents to help others

-he hopes you will consider starting your own birthday campaign for clean water because we can make a bigger difference if more moms, dads, and kids get involved (HE REALLY SAID ALL THAT STUFF YALL!)

Jenny wants you to know:

-I'm turning 30 this year, and am desperate to make this birthday count for something. Something big. The water crisis breaks my heart, and I want to use my birthday to make a difference for one community, one family, one mother with sick babies that she feels helpless to save.

-Beckett and I have the same birthday wish: to gather donations to empower Water4 and FFTF to keep doing the lifesaving work they're already doing around the world.

-The second part of my birthday wish is to challenge 30 people to do the same thing. If I can use my birthday to raise money for a water well, imagine how much MORE of a difference we could make with a team of 30! If you want to join Beckett and me in giving up your birthday for clean water this year, let me know! I'd love to help you get set up on Water4's website.

Thank you for always granting our birthday wishes. You guys always amaze us!


Much love, Jenny and Beckett

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About Water4

Water4 recruits and equips exceptional African men and women to end their water crisis in their lifetime. We do this by training and supporting local entrepreneurs in leadership, Bible-based financial stewardship, and community mobilization so they can start their own water well drilling businesses, become local engines of sustainable change, and share the love of Jesus in every community they serve.

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