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A few years ago I started following Justin Wrens journey as he gave up his life as a pro MMA fighter and risked his life to free the Pygmy people from slavery, buy them their own land and provide clean running water for them. His story is inspirational, but what is even more inspirational is the amazing Pygmy people.

To show my support for the great work that Justin and the rest of his team and everyone at Water4 does, I will be walking the entire length of the South Coast Trial in England which is 630 miles. It should take me approximately 3 to 4 weeks. 

I will be camping along the way and reliant on donated rooms and food.

Update 02/06/2017
I am still only in the early planning stages for this, and I have just received a donation of $1000.
I cannot begin to express my grattitude, and this will only motivate me further.

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About Water4

Water4 recruits and equips exceptional African men and women to end their water crisis in their lifetime. We do this by training and supporting local entrepreneurs in leadership, Bible-based financial stewardship, and community mobilization so they can start their own water well drilling businesses, become local engines of sustainable change, and share the love of Jesus in every community they serve.

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