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We have so many things in life to be thankful for such as family, friends, and an incredible education. However, we sometimes take all these blessings for granted and forget not everyone is as privileged. Every day, more than 5,000 children in Africa are suffering because they lack both food and water. I believe we can make an incredible change one individual at a time, and give hope to hundreds of families who are struggling to survive. The "You And Me" foundation is built on love and the desire to make a change one drop at a time. "You And Me" can touch so many lives and provide some of the basic needs to children all over Africa. Its time to come together and make a difference. I'm raising funds to help Water4 eradicate the global water crisis. Water4 puts the solution in the hands of local men and women, training them to start a business, drill their own wells, and become the solution to their own community’s water needs. Join me!

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About Water4

Water4 recruits and equips exceptional African men and women to end their water crisis in their lifetime. We do this by training and supporting local entrepreneurs in leadership, Bible-based financial stewardship, and community mobilization so they can start their own water well drilling businesses, become local engines of sustainable change, and share the love of Jesus in every community they serve.

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