“For I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink."

The water crisis is big. And because there’s so much to do, sometimes we forget to celebrate what’s already done. In this report we pause to do just that.

We celebrate dirt under fingernails.
We celebrate God's mission to love neighbor as self.
We celebrate the ties that bind teams to the communities they serve.
And we celebrate exceptional men and women who are mobilizing to end their own water crisis once and for all.
A Well is just a start A Note From Our Founders

At Water4, we didn't have it all figured out before we started. But we wanted to help end the world water crisis, and we thought we had a good idea, and so nine years ago we decided to act. Since then, every ounce of transformation that’s taken place has been thanks to the God-given tenacity of the 350 African entrepreneurs that we’re now privileged to partner with.

In 2016 that transformation went deeper than ever before. Water4 teams carved out more than six full miles of African soil — one seven-inch auger at a time — to bring clean water to 172,854 people. Team members also engrained themselves deeply into the communities they served, discipling, training and leading men and women to end their own crisis.

In this report, we raise a glass of clean water to our teams all over the world, celebrating:


new water projects providing sustainable clean water


people educated in health and hygiene practices


days of training in sustainability, & personal & spiritual growth


nations being deeply transformed from the inside out

Most of you will likely never set foot in Africa, but — just like we did nine years ago — you’ve made a decision to act anyway, and to join us in this God-given calling to introduce tools and seed capital to the right people, in the right places, at the right time, so that in their lifetime they can build a world without death from dirty water.

From all of us at Water4, thank you for your tenacious generosity.

Richard and Terri Greenly
Water4 Co-founders

Celebrating Champions

Every day, champions in another hemisphere punch holes in a continent you may never set foot on so the people in their communities might know the simple act of drinking a cup of clean water. Here are some of their stories.


Emmanuel Odong 



Joseph Faison



David Afaya


A Well is just a start Infographic Text
Numbers by Country

Country Title


Active Drill Teams


Water Projects


Lives Changed


Average Well Cost
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Fight for the Forgotten

Africa’s greatest asset is her people. We're proud to partner with Joseph, Carmen and Christelle as they dig deep to fight the water crisis in Malawi, Zambia and Rwanda.

Building a Network

When well drillers connect through technology — sharing photos and videos from the field, leveraging their combined knowledge-base, and encouraging one another — more lives are saved.

Practicing Stewardship

When new business owners understand how to manage their finances and re-invest profits into their business, they experience freedom — to serve more communities and end the cycle of poverty.

Making Disciples

When drill teams engage a community with clean water so that its people no longer suffer, they demonstrate practical love the way Jesus did, and they open hearts and minds to hope.

Fight for the Forgotten

In 2016 MMA cage fighter Justin Wren continued work in his home-away-from-home of the Congo. Water4-trained enterprises in DRC expanded their operations and their reach — bringing clean water to more than 22,000 thirsty people, while also employing and empowering 36 men and women to end the water crisis in their nation.

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Last year we were blown away by the students, athletes, churches, and individuals who started their own Water4 fundraisers, rallied their friends, and together raised almost $100,000 to bring clean water access to 5,000 people.

One of those heroes was Bethel United Methodist Church. Through the leadership of Director of Christian Education Chris Phillips, this small rural church hosted a Vacation Bible School with water as its central theme. By the time it was over, the entire church had been inspired, a local baseball camp had gotten involved, and the children of Chewsville, Maryland had raised more than $3,500 to end the water crisis for 175 people.

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Andrew & Abi Vrbas
Pacha Soap Co-Founders

When a cause-minded company intersects with Water4, together we dig deeper to make lasting change. Last year when Pacha Soap committed a portion of their profits to Water4, they created something that didn't exist before: a new water business serving a region we had never been able to reach before, creating jobs and economy, and ending the water crisis for thousands of people.

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Thoughts from Matt Hangen, Chief Operations Officer

Integral Mission

We firmly believe that social enterprise — not charity — is the answer to the water crisis, and that to do business well, the employed must operate from a vision bigger than themselves.

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Everywhere in the world where water is clean, it’s paid for. That's why Water4 is helping African families become “customers” of water drilling businesses, making small payments for the water they use.

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At Water4, one of our core missions is to train local people to address local problems so they can carry the torch of deep, lasting transformation — making them the heroes instead of us.

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