Why We Do It This Way

Three things drive the way we work.

 why we do it this way

1. Flexibility

When it comes to poverty, one solution does not fit all.

That's why wherever we work, we use the best solution for that region. Every solution implements stepping-stone technology that can be built upon to develop future infrastructure. We believe it's the only way rural communities can pave the path toward development.

2. Community Contribution

Water always comes at a price. 

  • Time. Walking for water costs women worldwide 200 million hours each day.
  • Health. Medical bills related to water-borne illnesses cost families in rural Africa precious household income.
  • Life. Every day, drinking contaminated water costs 5,000 children their lives.
  • Future. Missing school to walk for water or because of chronic diarrhea costs children their education and their future.

Water4 is committed to a sustainable solution that gives communities reliable access to clean water and puts them on a path toward self-sufficiency. We believe a critical part of that solution is community contribution.

For some, that means contributing the land where the wells to be drilled. For some, it means contributing their time and labor to installing the well. And for some, it means contributing as little as 30 cents per month to ensure a safe and reliable water supply for themselves and their community. A minimal water-maintenance fee much smaller than the price they pay for drinking contaminated water.

Research shows that for every $1 USD invested in water projects in Africa,
the local economy realizes a return of $8 USD.


3. Payoff

Where clean water exists, everything else follows.

  • Economic and community development
  • Agriculture
  • Food security
  • Significant reduction in disease
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher education rates

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