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Fight for the Forgotten

Justin Wren is in the fight of his life, fighting for the forgotten in the Congo and wherever people are crying out for the freedom that clean water brings.

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water4 gala

Transformation Gala

A powerful evening in which 1,000 world-changers gathered to transform the world through water.

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Did you know that a t-shirt or a water bottle could change the world? Each one you buy helps us toward our goal of stamping out the world water crisis.

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We are eradicating the world’s water crisis by putting the solution in the hands of the men, women, and children it affects most.

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A Global Problem A Local Solution

Water4 empowers local entrepreneurs
to bring clean water to their own communities.

The Crisis

The global water crisis claims 3.4 million lives each year. To us, it's not just a statistic. It's 3.4 million people with names, families, hopes and dreams. When confronted with this reality, we must respond. This is not someone else’s crisis…it's all of ours.

The Model

We do more than charity. We do opportunity. Our solution is simple, scalable, and field-proven. We train local entrepreneurs to drill wells, save lives, bring sustainable change, and share the love of Jesus in every community they serve.

The Impact

Our model promotes dignity by providing men the opportunity to work. It offers women options and freedom to hope and nurture their children. It gives children their health and an opportunity for education. It gives communities back to themselves.

The Stories

When people gain access to clean water, amazing things happen. Jobs are created, sickness is prevented, childhoods are restored, and communities are transformed. These are the stories that compel us to forge ahead until everyone has access to safe water.

We are dedicated to empowering communities by equipping, training and supporting local men and women to be the solution to their own community's water needs.


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