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When people find out about what we do, two things usually happen. First, they get very excited about our model and our impact. Second, they have A LOT of questions. Here are answers to just a few. If you have others, just contact us.

What does Water4 do?

Our mission is to eradicate the world water crisis by putting an enterprise solution in the hands of local people. We train local entrepreneurs to start their own businesses, drill their own wells, and bring water to their own communities.

Does Water4 directly drill wells?

No, we work with strategic local partners and entities where we have a long term and ongoing presence to provide clean water.  These partners are local nationals, businesses, nonprofits, or social entrepreneurs.

Do you send teams from the United States overseas to install wells or go on trips?

No, our model is based upon training locals to be the solution to the water crisis in their own communities.  That means we mentor, monitor, evaluate, equip, and empower nationals, but we do not send teams from the United States overseas to install wells.  Many of our staff developed their passion for international missions through short-term mission opportunities, but we currently do not offer short term trips.

How can I get involved?

One of the best ways to get involved is to start a fundraiser and share it with your friends and family to raise funds to empower the teams we support in the field. We believe that everyone has a unique contribution they can make to help raise funds and awareness for this important cause. Click here to learn more about how you, your business, your church, or even your small group or classroom can get involved with water. Everyone can make a difference. If any jobs or volunteer opportunities become available, we'll post them on our site.

Can I buy a drilling kit or pump?

While we do manufacture drilling equipment and water pumps, we are not in the business of selling drilling equipment and pumps to consumers in the United States. Rather, we are an implementing organization that equips and provides training to existing and newly formed organizations through long-term partnerships. Because of this we do not sell equipment or pumps on the open market, but only to organizations we are partnered with. We are committed to the long-term success of drilling teams and organizations and want to ensure there is a strategic plan and partnership in place before tools or pumps are released from our facilities.

How are local teams trained?

Once a team or a group of individuals have been selected to partner with Water4, they go through an intensive training process by Water4 and a current partner in country. Manual drilling trainings are usually 2 1/2 weeks in length and concentrate on 5-10 persons. Approximately 5 participants are chosen to continue the program. Subsequent drilling trainings follow. We usually tell organizations wishing to equip and train a team to foresee a long-term investment of time and energy over five years.

What are the teams trained in?

Access - The initial manual drilling training that covers augering, borehole design, hydrogeology.                                             

mWaSH - Water4 utilizes a missional approach to meet the communities' needs for water access, sanitation, and hygiene. This training was developed by Lifewater International.

Financial Stewardship - Personal and business financial management based upon Biblical principles.  

Leadership - In partnership with Frontline Church in Oklahoma City, Water4 trains and mentors in-country teams by holistically developing their hearts, souls, strengths, and minds.

Does Water4 donate pumps directly to churches, schools, or villages overseas?

We work through our local partners who are often contracted to drill wells in churches, schools, or villages.  If you would like to see if a Water4 partner could install a pump in a particular location, please send your inquiry to [email protected]

Who are Water4's partners?

We believe that caring capital and free enterprise, coupled with missional outreach can solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. Water4 teams up with cause-minded companies, churches, NGO’s and individuals that want to see their dollar multiplied through sustainable solutions.

Where are Water4 partners active?

Water4 partners are located all around the globe but primarily in Africa. We currently have 35 active teams in 15 countries. We have teams in: Zambia, Uganda, DRC, Kenya, Rwanda, Togo, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Ethiopia, Mali, and Niger. Click here to learn more about our work in each country.

How much does it cost to install a well overseas?

The average well cost is between $1,500 - $2,500 depending on the location, including labor and hardware to install the well. Because Water4 focuses on entire community transformation (not just well drilling), the average community project costs between $3,500-$4,000.

How long does a well last?

With proper maintenance and upkeep, a well can last 15-20 years.

How many people will be impacted by a well?

The number varies depending upon the community's population and use.  Typically, a well will provide 250-300 people with clean water, but some of our piped systems provide water for as many as 5,000 people.

If I donate enough money to fund a well, will I be able to know exactly when and where it is installed?

Usually, we are not able to facilitate reporting per well for each person that donates to have a well put in. As you may imagine, we get a lot of requests, and the reporting would be quite extensive. If you are interested in funding a group of wells or a larger project, we would be happy to discuss with you how we can keep you updated on the progress of that program.

Are the wells tested?

Yes, our wells are held to the same standard that water wells in the state of Oklahoma are held to. Our teams utilize professional water testing kits and test all wells to identify any contaminants.

What kind of follow up happens after the completion of a water project?

We are dedicated to implementing a multiple-well strategy in the communities where we work. This means we never do “one-and-done” projects where we leave the community to fend for themselves after a well is drilled. In most cases, we have a field partner in the community through which we offer support, guidance, and best practices for the continuation of well drilling and maintenance in the community.

What is the difference between Water4 and Fight for the Forgotten?

Water4 started in 2008 as an organization that wanted to help solve the world's water crisis. Fight For The Forgotten was started in 2011 to help the Pygmy tribe in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 2015, Water4 and Fight For The Forgotten officially began their partnership to raise funds together and work in conjunction with one another to end the water crisis in DRC and the the other places that Water4 is working. Water4 began overseeing all day-to-day operations through the local field partners as soon as Justin Wren returned to the U.S. in the fall of 2014, and has invested months of training and capacity-building in the Shalom drillers to see them grow to the successful impactful team that they are today. Learn more about Fight for the Forgotten here.