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Impact That Generates Good

Discover the good Water4 has generated in the lives of millions by providing safe water and creating economic opportunity.

Generating Good Through Durable Water Solutions

At Water4, we are dedicated to developing durable, market-based water utility services that create economic opportunity for Africans. Through over 15,000 water projects, we have served hundreds of communities, providing them with access to clean and safe water. Our initiatives have not only improved health and well-being but have also spurred economic growth in these regions.

Our Approach
All-time water projects
All-time people impacted by safe water
People educated in WaSH & the Gospel

Lives Changed

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Augustina is a wife, mother, and salon owner in Daboase, Ghana. Before NUMA came to her community, she’d have to pause her work day, even leaving customers waiting upwards of an hour to fetch more water. She jumped at the opportunity to get a NUMA Now safe water connection at her salon, and since then, business has been booming. Her customers love the cold clean water running through their hair on a hot day. Augustina now employs four additional hairdressers to meet demand, financially provides for her family and her children’s education, and is the primary “breadwinner” of her family. Augustina is a testament to what customers can do when they have the opportunity of safe water.

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Mohamed started his career at NUMA Sierra Leone sweeping floors and cleaning wrenches, but he did a great job and was hungry for more. So, he taught himself to use a tape measure, understand fractions, weld, translate, and operate a plasma cutting machine with Mandarin Chinese instructions that no one else knew how to use. Within two years, he was leading the production facility and a staff of five and has contributed to the redesign and innovation of the NUMA Nexus design in a dozen crucial ways. In addition, he’s learned and applied his financial stewardship training to save for his family and build additional rooms to his home to rent out for passive income! Mohamed is an example of how our employees can flourish with the smallest of employment opportunities and the application of tenacity and ingenuity.

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Hannah is the Multiply Discipleship Coordinator for NUMA Zambia and she is helping bring revival to Zambia. She trains employees and individuals to go out and create generational discipleship across communities through our Discovery Bible Study (DBS) method of weekly study and application of scripture in groups. Prior to the opening of a new NUMA water system in 2022, Hannah led volunteers to invite people to hear the sharing of the gospel. The next day at the NUMA commissioning, they shared the gospel again. Between these two events 1,814 new believers committed to following Jesus and were plugged into DBS groups! We now have 25,000 DBS groups with more than 150,000 participants in Zambia alone. God can use anything to see his will done and he’s doing it now through NUMA safe water.

Where We Work

Water4 works in 4 countries across 30 districts and serves over 540,000 customers daily with NUMA safe water.

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